Young Adult Fantasy

The Bond Children
by  Gayle Nastasi

     Bonded souls--the thought has sparked the heart of romance throughout time. Young stable boy Rigel knows the joy--and the anguish--that soul-bonding can bring.  Bonded from before her birth to Auria, the two share thoughts, emotions, dreams, and a love of unknown depth.  The experience would be wonderful, if not for the fact that Auria is heir to the kingdom's throne . . . and her royal father cannot bear the thought that his child is bonded to a horseman's son.    

Illustration Jess Nastasi 2001

     When dark evil moves into the magical kingdom of Chimopotamia, and its target is the Princess herself, the BondChildren's love is put to the ultimate test. Will their soul-connection be enough to see them through the danger . . . as well as the wrath of the king?

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  Gayle Nastasi

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Gayle Nastasi
lives surrounded by wilderness on a mountainside in upstate New York with her husband of 17 years and and two children, ages 15 and 11, as well as her two dogs, three cats, and rabbit. In addition to her writing efforts, she operates a professional pet sitting and dog walking business, and has long worked in various capacities as an animal care provider.

Gayle prefers to read, and write, fantasy, although occasionally delves into other literary domains. Her most recent publication, a short story called The Songdog, recently appeared in the July 2001 edition of Spider Magazine for children. She is honored to be able to share some of her work with you here on the Free-Fiction website.

Books presently available: 
Crystal Pony
The Bond Children


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