Speculative Fiction

This Desert Life
by  Kalin Ringkvist

Twenty years after a lunatic attack on their terraforming equipment, the twelve million people of Sorn struggle to survive on their overheated, over-populated, and doomed planet. Born on the day of the bombing, Lisa, the slave of Sorn's most powerful man, refuses to buy into the utter hopeless of the doomsayers' visions, despite the undeniable truth behind them.  

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In the midst of her struggle to maintain hope, she meets the one who recognizes her unique potential, and a world of new possibilities open.  Armed with nothing but imagination and a new perspective, Lisa steadily becomes more involved in the fight to save her homeworld and to free herself. As her internal momentum builds, she realizes that she has the power not only to change her planet, but to revolutionize human thought.

Kalin Ringkvist

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What Readers Are Saying

"I read Desert in one sitting. I just couldn't stop reading. I found it very entertaining and very well thought out, and I believe that you have got something going there."
--Random Reader

"Wow" - Jason J

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In Kalin's own words: "I am someone who wants to be completely different, though logical and honest. I have many writing goals, but two major ones are to promote (blatant) honesty and to encourage people to stand up for their beliefs.  I never make promises, but, at this point, I've pretty much decided that I will never sell rights to any paper publishers.  I believe stories should be free.  However, I'm still a greedy human, so I'm stoked to have the opportunity to test this new system."

In the editor's words: Kalin is a gifted, unusual writer as well as a passionate, caring person whose work is driven by his beliefs.   To learn more about him, his interests and his weblinks, please visit the Discussion Forum.

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