While I'm Dying
by  Laura Wright

Barely escaping her abductor with her life, Karen Hamilton faces a new trauma: her stalker's family sues her for his death.

This exciting novel explores stalkers: who they are, how they function and why.  Those who have never been stalked will gain a new appreciation of the victim's pain; those who have, will understand; those presently being stalked will find help in the Resource section that guides you through steps to take, how to avoid confrontation, and where to go for help

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  Laura Wright


What Readers Are Saying

   "You have strong talent for someone so young. I believe you will have more good things forth coming.  You've developed a natural power of observation, the most important thing for an artist or a writer to develop, their ability to see."  - D Flood

Being a criminologist I found this book accurate and extremely interesting. Its defiantly on its way to best seller keep it up   -- Les Simerly

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I began writing in 1988three weeks after my father's death. I saw it as a gift of divine intervention and produced three to five pieces daily. Before that, serious writing had never crossed my mind.

After seven years, my poems resembled ing epics, and my songs and lyrics entire albums. I knew then it was time to writbooks.  I chose the horror genre initially, but now favor mystery and thriller because I realize that most horror events aren't inflicted by the dead or spirits at all, but by seemingly ordinary people. 

I adore writingI love creating both sympathetic and despicable characters. I love creating worlds and families and struggles. I love watching those characters overcome their hardships by courage and determination. The majority of my stories have happy endings. Howeversome have rather strange conclusions because life doesn't always give us the happy endings we desire. 
I try to avoid excessive psychology, over-analyzing, and political comment in my stories.  Too much ruins the simple enjoyment and mood of the story.  Too often the modern author's eagerness to incorporate his political views goes past creating a subtle character trait and the book becomes instead a political manual.

On the same note, I dislike college literary professors dissecting a work until the enjoyment disappears Creativity should be enjoyed and allowed to entertain, not dissected and destroyed An author's work should not be used to determine how an author actually lived, but read for what it is, a story.

My main influences and inspirations are Poe, Bradberry, Agatha Christie, Koontz, King and the majority of the classic literary greats. I have always adored non-fictional folklore in dealing with hauntings and strange events. 
I live in Southwestern Virginia my three-year-old son and my husband of four years, whose hobby is World History.  He often helps me with historical material.

Books available on site:
While I'm Dying

Other work available online:

"The Child of The Mountain"
"Rail of Deceit"
"Scotland Murder"
"The Creep"
"Home Sweet Home"

Paper Publishing:    Two local short stories: a parody of wrestling titled "W.W. (Why Wrestling?)" and "Stormy Weather," a story about timeslips. 


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