Science Fiction

by D. M. Arnold

Nykkyo Kyhana is an ordinary hero with everyday problems.  He has a boss, a job that's a grind, a wife who doesn't understand him (but wants him home for dinner), and a high-maintenance girlfriend on the side. He just happens to hail from another world, founded when a future Earth space mission falls through a black hole and emerges into another place and time.

Nykko finds himself on present-day Earth, falling in love with a woman who is his own distant ancestor, as well as ancestor to the founder of his homeworld.  His love for her risks upsetting future events and jeopardizes not only his own existence, but that of all his people.

This character-driven love story transcends its genre.  Earthbound is not just for SF fans--it's for anyone who enjoys a well-crafted tale.  Seen entirely through the eyes of a visitor from another planet, Earthbound is Nykkyo's story of discovery, as he learns of his past, his purpose, and finds the love of his life.


Earthbound contains non-graphic description of a rape, a scene of moderate violence, and a pair of not-too-explicit love scenes. It is suitable for mature teens and adults.

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D. M. Arnold

Earthbound author DM Arnold is a published scientist, software engineer, amateur astronomer, web designer and folk harp-builder. He designed and manages the internationally-aclaimed website for the Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee, regarded as the definitive site for online Burns research.

Professionally, he has written articles on the use of computer simulation for teaching undergraduates scientific method, the automation of chemical laboratory equipment, and the design of CAT scanner software. Earthbound is his first novel, but certainly not his last. Readers are invited to visit Earthbound's official site for more information, news on upcoming sequels, or to download the novel as a free eBook in a variety of formats. Mr Arnold welcomes feedback, and readers may contact him via his website.



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