Science Fiction/Fantasy

Dream Warrior
by Mel Duncan

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     Sixty-two year old Martin has a doozy of a dream.  He wakes up in a strange world where aliens test his coordination and reflexes, find him suitable, and enlist him as a Dream Warrior.  "What the heck--might as well go along with it," he thinks, "it's only a dream."

       He is teamed with Shae, a beautiful cat-like female from another planet, who becomes his inseparable left wing pilot.  He soon learns this is not a dream at all when love happens--without reason or rhyme--and the two go off to fight a war against the Slavers that may engulf the entire galaxy.  

     If you've ever daydreamed, ever wondered what it would be like to visit strange worlds, lead an attack, or be the one at the controls when all hell blows up in your face . . . then sit back, relax and enjoy the adventures of Dream Warrior.

Rating:  General audience, some love scenes.

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Mel Duncan

I was born in the small town of Shirley Arkansas in June of 1940, population at the time about 200.  My father was a Rail Road worker, my mother a homemaker who raised a garden that supplied most of our fresh vegetables.

In 1946 the Rail Road branch my father worked for went out of business and we became migrant farm workers until 1956 when we moved back to Arkansas because of my mother's health.

I did poorly in school because of all our moving around and decided the best course of action was to join a branch of the Armed Forces. I spent twenty rather uneventful years in the Navy.  I acquired a wife and five daughters during this time.

During my last few years in the Navy I started writing.  My first book, Virgins In The Hayloft was sold to Surree Ltd. under the name James Blayer.  Then I turned to Science Fiction.  I wrote The Eternal Man and could find no market for it.

In June 1979 I retired from the Navy and had to make a living for my family.

I returned to writing in 1997.  Since then I have written The 200 Year War, Bowman, Lance Saunders, Astronaut, and others, including Space Marine, available here on Free-Fiction

THE 200 YEAR WAR, $5.95 DL $8.95 Print.
BOWMAN, $8.00

For a list of all my work, see my website at





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