Sci-Fi Paranormal

by N.D. Hansen-Hill

The Anomalous Cognition Sector (ACS), a government agency exploring psi theory and the use of psychic phenomena in intelligence work, seeks to  assume guardianship of The Cluster Project from Symtech-Symbio, a corporation that performed human gene experimention, when one group begins to extend the boundaries of their "gifts." 

Raised and protected by Symtech, the now-grown members of a unique "Cluster" consisting of retrocognition, PK, bio-PK, clairvoyance, mediumship, telepathy, and their "control," struggle for their independence and sense of identity.   Internal and external forces, this world and other-worldly foes combine to thwart them.  

Rating:  Adult readers, please.  Graphic violence at times.

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What Readers Are Saying

"Vision is a brilliant mix of science, psychic ability, the paranormal, and the use of time. ND has a tremendous understanding of the principles that surround the issues of physic ability and how and what would truly transpire were we able to change or alter that which has passed. It is an intriguing, intelligent, fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable read. It keeps you guessing at every turn. I would recommend it as a great read for anyone."
by Kerry Orchard, author of The Thoughtmaster's Conduit

"I absolutely loved it! Now talk about different and written by someone who is truly a SF writer and has a new voice, it should be a number one best seller!
You are a fantastic writer and paint vivid pictures with emotion! The ending was superb!
Thanks for a fantastic read!"
by Cia Leah, author of The Paint Brush Murders, Mortal Predictions, Mirror of Hands, My Mommy Valentine

"I love the story. It's positively riveting! I don't usually gush over other people's work, as it seems unprofessional, but this story I love!"
by Theresa King, featured in Out of the Shadows

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N.D. Hansen-Hill

N. D. Hansen-Hill was born in California, but has resided in New Zealand for the past ten years.

Hansen-Hill's books are supported by a diverse background, which includes experience in fields as varied as plant pathology, teaching, commercial irrigation, painting, and the graphic arts.

When not writing books and screenplays, the author is a working artist, and is presently pursuing a diploma in computer graphic design. Other activities include consultations in horticulture/plant pathology, landscape design work, and commercial irrigation installation.

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