Speculative Fiction

Uluru Dreaming
by Martin P. Kerrigan

If you have never been afraid of the dark . . . You will be!

The Dreaming was ending.  From distant space, the beyond gods of darkness were coming to feed.  To commence the dark dreaming.

A small evil begins at the old Quarantine Station at North Head in  Australia. Grown out of control, it now slaughters by the tens of thousands.  Waiting insanely for its dark gods.

At the mystic monolith of Uluru in Central Australia, an old aboriginal kadaitcha, Jimmy Jack, must find the Chosen warrior of Uluru. Together they will fight for the new dreaming. As Aboriginal mythology collides with millennium technology, darkness comes from the sky and covers the earth and the earth begins to die.

Within Uluru, something ancient begins to stir.

Uluru, where the allies of the dark will prepare the way for the coming of the dark dreaming.

Uluru, where Jimmy Jack and his friends, at the last, will each stand alone in a battle for human existence.

Uluru, the magic, sacred, dreaming rock which holds a secret that has slumbered for six hundred million years. A secret which will destroy the world or save it.

The Dreaming was ending . . .


Rating:  Adult readers, please.  Graphic violence at times.

Editor's Note:  This Free-Fiction version of Uluru Dreaming is full-length. However, the editor did adjust a few of the more graphic horror scenes which might be too much for the casual reader. True horror-lovers who want the untouched version, a hard copy for themselves or to share with friends, can purchase this book in either ebook or paper version, from Mr. Kerrigan's page at booklocker.com.

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Martin P. Kerrigan

Martin P Kerrigan was born in Sydney, Australia.

He is currently employed full time as a Payroll Manager for a multinational company. In his spare time he writes, plays tennis in an ordinary fashion and has studied Wing Chun kung fu under Grandmaster Jim Fung for the last twelve years.

He wishes to become filthy rich from writing and be free to pursue his kung fu studies more intensively.

His girlfriend supports this ambition.




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