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Available Books

Momma's Eyes 
by Mary Ellen Knox

Blessed Curse 
by Nancy Sartor

Crystal Pony 
by Gayle Nastasi

One Summer 
by Thelia Sinnett

Bravo Fragger 
by C. Berger
Stories of New Beginnings 
by Kalin Ringkvist

by Mary Ellen Knox

The Weirdling 
by AF Keck

While I'm Dying 
by Laura Wright

The BondChildren
by Gayle Nastasi
This Desert Life 
by Kalin Ringkvist

Strange Occasions
by Brandon Faircloth
Reflected Light 
by Chris Murphy

Lanterns In The Dark 
by Bob Jackson

The 8th House 
by Wendy Jensen

Space Marine 
by Mel Duncan

Satan & Son 
by Jack Moskovitz

by Derek Gunn

JJ, DragonSlayer 
by John Privett
by ND Hansen-Hill

Field of Reeds
 by Andrew Starling
The Bad Flu
by Richard Stotts
Uluru Dreaming
by Martin P. Kerrigan
Amateur at Heart
by Jack Forge
Premium Books
Feast of the Purple Beast
by Jack Moskovitz

Dream Warrior
by Mel Duncan


J.J., LionTamer
by John Privett

Roughing It 
by Thelia Sinnett

Advance Reading

Enigmas of Desire
by Roy L.Pickering, Jr.

by DM Arnold


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