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Your $3.95 monthly subscription provides you with:

*  receive up to four ebooks/month
*  advance reading ebooks
*  Premium ebooks
*  quality, edited ebooks


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Why?  Since we opened year we've received many requests from readers for a download service, particularly from those who have to pay for their online reading time.  The problem, of course, was how to balance site integrity with the need to provide some sort of revenue for our authors.  Since site integrity is important to us, we couldn't simply switch to selling ebooks--we are Free-Fiction, after all, and we promised never a teaser or sample chapter.  

It took a while, but we finally came up with a solution that we believe preserves our reputation for fine, online, free reading.  No one need ever subscribe to read our regular releases free.  Yet, those who wish to, may now receive our novels for offline reading.

And, because we realize people appreciate a good value, we incorporated some special reader advantages into our subscription service to reward those who subscribe.

How It Works: 

1.  Subscribe to our Free Trial Offer above.  We use PayPal because it's easy, safe, and fast and well-suited to a subscription service such as ours.

2.  Try us out free for two weeks.  Once subscribed through PayPal you'll automatically be brought to our Free-Fiction Member Registration page.

3.  Choose a username and password.  Be sure to use your same PayPal email address when registering so we can verify orders.  Please remember that your username and password will be case sensitive.  Caps and lower case will make a difference, so write it down.

4.  After registering you'll automatically be redirected to our Members Page.  If you know the books you want, fill in the form and we'll get the books to you as email attachments.  For reader convenience we will email them one at a time.  The KeeBoo browser is packaged with the book for your reading pleasure, so some book files average a half meg.

When you receive the book, just click on the exe file you receive and your book will open into the same KeeBoo reader you're used to online. 

If you haven't decided, you can browse our free books from the links provided on the Members page.   

5.  Free Trial Members will also be able to read advance online copies of our up and coming releases or choose them as one of their two books.  Under the Advance and Premium listings, members can find links to all our edited/compiled books that have not yet been released on site to our visitors.

Free Trial Members will not be able to access Premium books online or order them.

6.  You'll also see a list of our available Premium books.  Sorry, but only paid members can receive them or access them online. 

7.  If you like the service, do nothing.  You will automatically be enrolled as a subscriber after your trial period ends.  Each month PayPal will deduct $3.95 to keep you current.

8.  If the service doesn't please you, cancel at any time, either through your own PayPal account or by sending us a Cancel Subscription Notice by email.

9. Those who chose to remain subscribers will receive an added bonus--Premium ebooks!   Each month we will add a new, featured Premium book to the Members page.  Paid members may order it there. To preserve site integrity, we decided that only authors previously published at Free-Fiction may participate in this exciting new offer. They must have at least one free book available to all readers before becoming a Premium author.

Don't worry if one of your favorite Free-Fiction authors released a new book prior to your joining.  As new Premium books are added, paid subscribers may choose past Premium ebooks as one of their four free monthly book selections.

If the subscription service is well-received, we may add additional Premium books each month as more authors are encouraged to join our line-up through membership support.

7.  Each month, paid subscribers may choose up to four ebooks for offline reading, one per week, or order them all at once if you're an avid reader!  This includes all ebooks available for free reading on our site, Advance reading books, as well as Premium books we've offered subscribers in the past that they might have missed.

Fill in the form on the Members page and we will send the requested novel as an exe attachment via email.  Simply click the file and read in our familiar, comfortable KeeBook format.  Or create a library directory of your own and save it to file.

8.  Another added bonus--a number of ebooks will be soon made available in MS Reader and Mobi format as well. You can take your favorites on a trip, to the beach, or wherever.    


Offline Reading . . . Premium eBooks . . . Advance Novels

Our subscription service has it all--
 and at the low price that ebook readers have always believed should be possible!

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